From the Aegean to the Black Sea

YILDIZ is the project of breton artists fond of oriental and Eastern music. Tinted West, the music of YILDIZ browses traditional themes of Anatolia and Rumelia .

The musical background and uniqueness of each artist makes every concert a special time where we (re)discover a repertoire of folk songs from turkish and greek civilizations...

From the Aegean to the Black Sea, through a free interpretation and a wide range of arrangements, YILDIZ offers an overview of musical styles, modes and own metrics to those regions where many ethnic groups live together since centuries .

After an EP in 2011, YILDIZ released his first album in 2014: "Yeni bir gün, yeni bir ışık".

Press book here (french)



Estelle Beaugrand (Voice, Jingles, Spoons, Frame drums)
Fabien Gillé (Oud, Bağlama)
Julien Lebon (Violin)
Gaëtan Samson (Derbouka, Riqq, Persian daf, Mazar, Cymbals)

Guest on concerts :
Sylvain Barou : Zurna, Duduk, Flute