Nomadic temperament music

Music from here that makes you dream there...

The bobelan, a songbird on the banks of the Scorff, is echoing the Oriental bulbul. Melodies unfold and are adorned: arabesques, improvisations... the voice, the hurdy-gurdy and the percussions intertwine and blur tracks.

Music from here, dreams of elsewhere?

The NAVA trio proposes a modal music of Breton expression. The concert, last one hour and fifteen minutes, includes ten pieces arranged around voice, electro-acoustic hurdy gurdy and percussion.

This repertoire consists of songs from the popular background. They were chosen for their constructions with scales far away from the Western temperament as well as for their complex, asymetric rhythms.

The choice was made by the musicians to preserve these particularities and to imagine new playing modes allowing a new appropriation and a development of these characteristics. The use of improvisation, vocal and instrumental, contributes to this, sometimes reminding us the universe of oriental "modes".

The play of the hurdy-gurdy, exploiting many electro-acoustic possibilities, allows a modern music all in smoothness, with multiple colors. Finally, originals songs were chosen for the poetic quality of their texts, putting forward a sensuality sometimes veiled, rarely evoked in the traditional context.



Photo : Laureen Keravec

Jañlug ER MOUEL : Voice

David SEVERAC : Electro-acoutic hurdy-gurdy

Gaël MARTINEAU : Drums (derbouka, daf, davul...)