Balkan Gypsy Music
New Creation "Latneiro"

On stage, with fanfare or in Bajkaravan, the poetry of Bajka takes us to countries not so far away where their music knows how to trifle with borders and guardians!

These inspired musicians have traveled the Balkan routes and each of their trips has become a festive atmosphere, an invitation to dance or a moving melody from here or elsewhere.

In these times when walls are being rebuilt, Bajka, in his new album "Latneiro", puts the oriental upside down and invites us to open our doors.

Bajka is waiting for you to hit the road, all together in the same hourglass !

The fifth album "LATNEIRO", released in September 2017, is about exile and the different emotions connected to it (nostalgia, discovery, encounter, sadness, ...). A good half of the pieces are compositions of the different members of the group.

Press book here (french)



Céline DRANCEY : Clarinet, voyce, dance
Erwan BOURCIER : Accordion, voyce
Jérôme STEUNOU : Soubassophone, voyce
Nicolas MARCHAND : Drums, tapan, voyce
Laurent CLOUET : Saxophone

David VEYSER : Sound engineer